Peas Flour - Recipe

Preparation Time 10 min
Cooking Time 30 min


3cups SVS Peas Flour

1 & 1/2cups SVS Rice flour

1big ladle (3-4 tbsp) hot Oil

1tablespoon Red chili powder

Salt to taste

Oil, for deep frying


Sieve besan and rice flour together.

Add red chilli powder,salt and hot oil and mix it nicely until the mixture is mixed nicely. Divide the flour into 2-3 portions.

Meanwhile heat oil in a deep heavy bottomed kadai for deep frying.

Sprinkle enough water to each portion separately and make the dough just before frying. The dough should neither be very smooth nor very thick. It should be soft and smooth; the mixture will be slightly sticky.

Use a 5 holed round disc of your murukku maker.

Fill one portion of the mixed soft dough in the murukku maker and squeeze directly in hot oil in circular motion. Do not make it very thick while squeezing, try to spread in a thin layer.

Use a 5 Fry them over medium-high flame until they turn golden brown in color and the bubbles subsides in the oil and then turn to the other side and fry again until you get golden in color.

Use a 5 Remove from oil using a perforated ladle and drain on a colander or kitchen napkin. Repeat the process of sprinkling water and kneading the dough and pressing into hot oil and frying with the remaining portions.

Once it is cooled down to room temperature you can store it in dry air-tight container. You can store it like the swirls or slightly crumble them while storing. Serve it as a snack with tea/coffee.